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L2Custom Server Features

L2Custom Server Information

Interlude (C6) PVP server with custom modifications. Server has high rates and 80 level. at start. In server shops you can get free A/S grade and farm with it for better custom gears. You don't need buy many potions, soul/spirit-shots, arrows and etc., because this items is not consumable.

Start Level: 80 lv.
Max Level: 90 lv.
Custom Items.
All Interlude monsters with modified levels (80-95lv).
All Interlude Zones.
All Interlude Quests with modified rewards.
GM Shop.
Global Gatekeeper with all Interlude Zones.
Raid Boss Gatekeeper with over ~200 Raid/Grand Bosses (All bosses levels modified 80-96).
AIO/Scheme Buffer with all buffs with modified durations (1-2 hours).
Free Sub-Class.
Free Noblesse
Olympiad from 86 Lv.
Rebirth System.
Skin System - Skin use as normal item (special inventory slots for skins)
Auction House (Marketer) System.
Auto Hunting system (2 hours per day)
Mastery System.
Changed Augment system (less mouse clicks)
Fast Login Feature
Giant/Champion Monsters (Normal Monsters have chance respawn as Champion/Giant with better drop/stats.)
And much more...

Fast Login


Giant/Champion Monsters


AIO Buffer


Global Gatekepper


Auto Hunt Feature


Mastery Skills Feature


GM Shop


Rebirth System


Skins System


Auction House System


Raid/Grand Boss Gatekepper


Custom Crystal Scrolls


Monster Drop List Feature
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