Topic: Server Features

Interlude (C6) PVP server with custom modifications. Server has hight rates and max lvl at start, so you dont need to level up. In server shops you can get free a grade and farm with it for better gears. You dont need buy many potions, soulshots, arrows and etc, because this items is not consumable.

Starting level 80lv.
Auto potions.
Global GK.
Full Buffer.
Raid Boss GK.
Dress Me system in Inventory.
GM Shop.
Mastery System.
Custom Interface.
Custom Anti-Bot system.

Enchant rates:
S Grade Weapons - 75%/85% Max: +21
A Grade Weapons - 75%/85% Max: +16
S Grade Arrmors - 75%/85% Max: +20
A Grade Arrmors - 75%/85% Max: +8
Blessed - 85%
Normal - 75%
Crystal - 22+->50%, 23+->40%, 24+->30%, 25+->20%.
If the enchant fails during Crystal Scroll enchanting, the item remains in its former number of enchantment.

Custom Weapons (Like L2Gold and Forever)
Custom Arrmors Apella, Dynasty
Custom Jewellery (Like L2Gold)
Custom Tattoos
Custom Dyes
Custom Augments
Custom Zones
Custom Rebirth Manager
Custom Nobless Manager
Custom Buffer Full buffs
Custom Class skills
Custom TvT/DM/GTF Event zones
Custom RB zones with teleporter
Custom Sub Class

Custom refining system, you can increase L2Gold weapons level from 1 to 10 lvl. At 10 lvl. your item stats will be increased 15%, each level add 1.5% stats to your item.

Period 7 days.
Every day at 18:00 GMT+2
Only A grade gears, no customs.

Aden Castle every Monday at 18:00 GMT+2
Giran Castle every Monday at 22:00 GMT+2

And much more.