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    2017-12-20 20:56:23
    Noblesse now will be free at Noblesse Manager.
    2017-12-19 23:15:49
    Rebalanced some classes.
    2017-12-19 23:15:39
    Changed reb manager to get rebirth not only from raid boss, special items.
    2017-12-19 23:15:22
    Boosted all raid bosses.
    2017-12-19 23:15:11
    Added more raidbossed
    2017-12-19 23:14:55
    Limited dualbox to 3.
    2017-12-19 23:14:47
    Hero weapon enchant enabled and stats changed to TOP weapon.
    2017-12-19 23:14:28
    CTF/TvT team who lose get 2x smaller reward.
    2017-12-19 23:14:25
    To shout/trade in chat you will need 5 PvP kills.
    2017-12-19 23:14:23
    Max clan members 15.
    2017-11-08 12:28:59
    Fixed Guards, all players with karma now will be killed with one hit if he will be near and victim will be res. by guard.
    2017-10-23 17:07:53
    Fixed Cursed Weapon drop chance.
    2017-10-23 17:07:35
    Fixed daily pvp reward.
    2017-10-23 17:07:10
    Installed Anti Feed system
    2017-10-14 08:07:15
    Added Moster Race Lottery.
    2017-10-14 08:06:51
    Added Adena Lottery.
    2017-10-14 08:06:34
    Fixed Siege zones.
    2017-10-14 08:06:07
    Added Fortress Siege.
    2017-09-18 17:32:56
    Fixed all tattoos.
    2017-09-18 17:32:28
    Added new Vote link.
    2017-09-18 17:32:15
    Fixed auto potions on death.
    2017-09-18 17:31:59
    Fixed Provoke skill. Will not work on Guards.
    2017-09-18 17:31:13
    Increased Augments stats from 3% to 7%.
    2017-09-17 22:30:49
    Added Raid Boss Jewellery to shop.
    2017-09-17 19:15:06
    Fixed Special Tattoos stats.
    2017-09-17 15:15:02
    Fixed Special Tatto shop.
    2017-09-17 15:10:06
    Augment Active Might increased to 4%
    Augment Active Shield increased to 4%
    Augment Active Empower increased to 3%
    Augment Active Magic Barrier increased to 4%
    Augment Pasive Might increased to 3%
    Augment Pasive Shield increased to 3%
    Augment Pasive Empower increased to 3%
    Augment Pasive Magic Barrier increased to 3%
    2017-09-16 15:24:25
    Fixed Autoreward.

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    L2Custom Start Date

    December 19, 2017 , by =GM=Avice

    Due low players online in server we decided to wipe server.We update this server with new features and fixed known bugs and with other things. We promise you it will be best our season, with much more players than ever! All characters will be deleted and game starts from zero and fixed all problems from previous season. It`s great chance for new players to start and for old, who got bored. We promise you a good and stable game. You have great chance be a server leader, so get ready and be the one of the first clans since first moment! Be patient and use this time to advertise server Start Date!

    Start Date: 2017-12-29 17:00 GMT+3

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    Server Information

    August 4, 2016 , by =GM=Avice

    * Rates: -XP 9999x / SP 9999x / Adena 1x./ Spoil x1
    * Server Interlude Client. Retail server with custom modifications.
    * Extra info -Buffs 2h,Offline Shop,Tattoos, Rebirth System,Increased movement speed on all classes,ANTI-Buff added on all Classes.


    Character Creation
    A new character will spawn in the basement of Aden . Here you can buff yourself up and you're good to go! The new character will start with all the needed items.

    Special quest for noblesse.

    Rebirth System
    Once a player becomes level 80, he can choose to rebirth at the rebirth manager in Aden.
    You need only the rebirth book. (Droped from Raid Bosses)

    AIO NPC Buffer
    There is a support buffer spawned in every important town
    Full ressists buffer spawned in every important town
    Scheme buffer in every important town
    The buffs last for 2hours and are free of charge

    Boosted Buffers
    In order to give buffer classes such as prophets, bladedancers and swordsingers a fair chance to participate in pvp action, they have been given a special boost. All these classes will receive higher level skills which they can buff on themself only. For example: A prophet will get might3, shield3, windwalk3, haste3, etc.

    Mantra Drops
    Mantras are needed for custom weapons/armors

    Enchant rates:
    Safe enchant : +4
    Max enchant with Blessed +21
    Max enchant with Crystals +25
    Blessed - 85%
    Normal - 75%
    Crystal - 100% (You can take them with Vote Medals )

    Augmentation system

    * Top-Grade Life Stones

    You can buy them from Augment Manager with mantras
    You can farm them from Raid Boss or Giants

    L2Custom Accesories
    * Silver Circlet : Special stats.
    * Gold Circlet : Special stats.
    * Fighter Mask: Special stats.
    * Mage Mask: Special stats.
    * Demonic Wings: Special stats.
    * Angelic Wings: Special stats.
    * Special Mage Tattoo: Special stats.
    * Special Fighter Tattoo: Special stats.

    Raid Bosses
    A lot of raid bosses have been added! These can be found at their original spawn points. Keep in mind that only the raid bosses of lvl76 and above have been added (Apart from the Ant Queen)

    L2Custom Armors

    * Apella (Medium)
    * Dynasty (Best)
    * Vesper (Same as Dyna)

    L2Custom Weapons
    Weapons with a unique SA on it. These weapons can be buy in Weapon Shop!

    * Forever (Medium)
    * L2Custom (Best)
    * Vesper (Same as L2Custom)

    Non class based
    Every 5 day hero.
    S grade gears only with enchant limitations : Weapons +25 / Armors +25, and no customs at all.

    Castle sieges
    Aden Castle start Friday at 18:00 and finish at 20:00
    Giran Castle start Saturday at 21:00 and finish at 23:00

    TvT (Team vs Team) (Automatic)
    Death Match (Automatic)
    CTF (Capture the flag) (Automatic)
    PvP event variations

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