✞ Server Features ✞

A thorough description of the Server Features is provided alow. If you are seeking for instructions as to how to commence your journey in the immense and ever-expanding world of Lineage II Custom, you may start by reading the information written herein.




basic10.png  Experience: 5000x

sp_for10.png Skill Points:100x

adena_11.png Adena: 1x

Whosoever joins the server, they shall automatically advance to Level 80; thereafter being prompt to select the S Grade gear of their choice for free. Skill Points may be used to enchant one's skills, and as such they are neitheir easy, nor difficult to acquire; nay one may run out whilst enchanting their skills, in accordance to their success level as partains to their encounters with their opponents or Farming Monsters.

Adena is the Main Currency of the server, thus being difficult to collect, in accordance to one's advancement inside the Server's Community. They may be used to buy one's gear, alongside with Gold Bars, howebeit one must first be concerned solely anent the first currency, afore advancing to buy items requiring the second one.

buffv_10.pngSafe Enchantment: +6 superi10.pngSuperiour Enchantment: +21 sk10.pngSupreme Enchantment: +25
normal10.jpgNormal Enchantment Rate: 75% etc_bl10.pngBlessed Enchantment Rate: 85% crysta11.pngCrystal Enchantment Rate: 35%
Upon starting your journey in the world of Lineage II Custom, you may employ the Normal Scroll, temporarily, to enchant your gear and thereafter being considered an equal with Members of the Community with superiour gear. Blessed Scrolls may be acquired by killing the monsters found at the PvP / PK Newbie Farming Zones. Thereafter, you may employ the aforementioned scrolls to enchant the gear that you have bought. Crystal Scrolls may be acquired by Raiding Bosses, natheless 'tis more belike for one to buy them using Event Guerdons, specifically cleped Victim Skulls, which one may acquire by winning at the oft-recurring Events. Alternatively, they may be bought using Vote Coins. Each failed assay of enchantment, shall cause the item to return to +21.

Principal Features

olympi11.png Retail S Grade Olympiadא. forum_11.png Impenetrable DDoS Protectionב.
castle11.png Weekly Castle Sieges interf12.png Alternate Interface Protection
castle12.png Castle Ownership Authority clique10.png Protection against Clique Formation
buff_s10.png Buff Slots: 54 pvp_fe10.png PvP Feeding Protection
vote_r10.png Improved Vote Guerdon pvp_re10.png Vote Reward Surveillanceג.
bladed11.png BladeDancer / SwordSinger PvP class_10.png No Class Supremacy
event_10.png Oft Event Guerdon event_12.png Event Inertia Protection
auto-p11.png Automatic Potions pot_pr10.png Exceedance Prohibitionד.
buffer11.png Selective / Scheme Buffer contro10.png Controlled De-buff Systemה.
dress_11.png Unique Dressing Mode unique10.png Uniquely-based Statusו.
custom10.png Custom Features


foreve11.png Forever Superior Weapons apella11.png Apella Superior Armor
top_fi10.png Apex Strife Weapons dynast10.png Apex Strife Armor
mage_t10.png Darom Mage | Erev Fighter Tattoo wings_10.png [Event Guerdon] Angelic | Demonic Wings
arcane10.png Arcane [Mastery Point] Skills epic_j10.png [Secret] Occult Jewelry
announ10.png Anointment Circlets apex_s10.png Apex Strife Shieds


olympi11.png א. The employment of Custom Weapons is allowed, natheless, provided that the weapon's status have been upgraded to "PvP". forum_11.png ב. Even if, supposedly, the protection is bypassed somehow, Lineage II Custom is designed to endure such attacks.
pvp_re10.png ג. Whosoever assays to vote twice or thrice, shall be detected, and therefore shall not receive any additional guerdons whatsoever. pot_pr10.png ד. Any attempt to use the provided potions any further than normally, shall forthwith be detected.
contro10.png ה. The ability to use any de-buffs whatsoever on one's opponent purely depends on the zone they are located in. unique10.png ו. One's Status on the game, and thereby, their possessions, shall either be promoted or demoted depending on the Status they have attained on the Forum, or the ones their respective Clans have done so.

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