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    • Latest News   [Updated] Season of Iyar [April - May]   Forthcoming Season: In regards to the forthcoming season of the month Iyar [I.E. April - May], the following updates have been either issued, or applied: א. The proposal to render the Augmented Items "untradeable" has been successfully applied. ב. The proposal to increase the Vote Integral to three minutes, has been successfully applied. ג. [Updated] The proposal to update the TvT Zone has been successfully applied. ד. [Updated] The proposal to turn on the Server Protection System is in a pending stage. ד. The power of the Bosses shall be increased, whilst their bounty decreased, natheless several new acquisitions have been added therein. ה. The proposal regarding the replacement of Adena with Bloody Mina and Gold Bars with Golden Talents, as the main currencies of the server, is in a pending stage. ו. The proposal to decrease the Party Drop, is still in a pending stage. ז. The proposal to add new "Skins" and new "Hats", is still in a pending stage. ח. The proposal to update the PvP Zone's coordinates and add a Boss therein, withal, is in a pending stage. ט. The proposal to update the Top Farming Zone is in a pending stage.   [Note that the server shall be advertised in accordance to the estimated season potentiality.]       Update: The Classes have been balanced successfully.   The classes have been balanced successfully. In case an issue is found, each player is obliged to report it immediately, lest they are held accountable for withholding essential information from the Server Personnel.              Latest update: A new Currency has been added to the server.   Henceforth, whosoever wishes to buy either Boss or PvP Jewelry, they must acquire a certain amount of Vampire Hearts for each Jewel and they may do so, solely by slaughtering vampires, deep inside the Elven Fortress.               Latest update: [16/01/2021] ⚝ Forum Ranks ⚝ The Forum Ranks have been successfully updated, and hight according to the Server's new theme, which is completely different from hereon. Those Ranks shall affect everyone, inside, as well as outside the game, on the Server's Community Boards. Event: ✞ Forum Rank Event ✞ Whosoever participates in this Event shall receive the Status corresponding to their Forum Rank on Discord, and shall be given possessions inside the game, fit to that rank.       Most Prominent Video:      
    • ..:: Official Music Topic ::.. Section Rules: א. Advertising another server, either directly or indirectly, shall not be tolerated. ב. You may share material from other servers, as long as the server identity is not obvious, or profoundly written therein. ג. You may share any song whatsoever, and comment on it. No restriction herein. ד. You may publish graphic material, as long as it does not contain any pornographic content, which shall not be tolerated for any reason.   What are you listening right now? Share your songs with the rest of the Members of the Community.     Theatre of Tragedy - Seraphic Deviltry Lyrics: Whether He the quaint savant's power doth held I now not, albeit aetat a thousand stars' birth He is Zuoth I that for reasons to me oblivious August of a granditude of servants is He held; And by plastic consonantry e'en more servants to the host addéd are Pelf they are, dare I say! Maugre His diurnal Seraphic Deviltry! I say that Deviltry; 'tis forsooth Deviltry! Mind not this in scintillating shades clad is; To claim the glore is He suffer'd. "Grant me the fatlings", gouth He, "the fatter the better!" And died they of starvation; They are not slaughtering their fatlings: They are slaughtering 'hemselves! Sith I at time of yester the questions durst ask, And dare I say this burthen weightful was, Wrack of His machine; like motion was I named, Tho' blind and fond the jesters rebuilt the machine alike; yet whettéd and dight are its edges...   Commenting: In my opinion, Liv Kristine; the singer of the song pubished afore, is the best Gothic Metal singer ever encountered, natheless, after she was kicked out of "Theatre of Tragedy" for no apparent reason whatsoever, and the band was dissolved shortly after her departure,  she didn't make any successful attempt join another one; nay, she only made a few appearances in other bands which could fall into the category of "Gothic Metal", but did not pursue her carreer as much as she should have.   Her contribution in a few "Cradle of Filth" songs, is a good example; in spite of my personal opinion in regards to the said band. For Gothic Metal, and especially Black Metal are not supposed to be "popular", nor try so hard to be. Yea, that's her in 0:36th second of the Cradle of Filth song published alow. It makes one surprised in regards to the ways a talented person may suddenly fall from grace, due to a few wrong choices, and thus having their talent literally wasted.    
    • That issue has been resolved, methinks.
    • So as soon as i enter the game i check gm shop, in game features etc. etc. then i proceeded to website for vote reward    -  but surprise , i did not get any reward as i have not check the system first. That really tilted me and made me insta quit the game. One a second thought i decided to give the server one more chance, but for the future you might want to change the vote system. Kind regards anonymous
    • The Server is Officially Online   Vote Reward:       Join Lineage II Custom fundamentally updated Discord Server    
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