Topic: Vote for us! And take Best Items.

Vote for us!

Help the server grow, and get rewards! Vote once every 12 hours and get a Prize!

1.) Open website Click each of the 5 vote links below and wait. them ope game and clik any vote in VOTE MANAGER npc
and then vote at each of them. (DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW)

2.) The Reward System is auto after you have voted at all 5 sites.

3.) Wait for the 10 second timer to go down to 0.

more pleople up more fun. help our project !!

the vote system give adena. 3 adena per vote erth 12 hour. expl. 5 votes in any vote site  u claim +6 adena per vote link.

adena in this server is the ULTIMATE item. u need adena buy best custom items.

Re: Vote for us! And take Best Items.

I think 3 adena is too low for vote ... That's why ppl don't do this ...

Re: Vote for us! And take Best Items.

3 adena they are for sure pretty low... and you need like 120 adena for scrolls so you must donate... fail!