Topic: New Start - New Updates!

1. we fix some class and change recast on skills.
2. all raids nerf a lillte and the drops is better.
3. main town and some npc fix it.
4. now the pvp coins and the adena is the BEST items in server. with pvp coins now u buy special items
5. pvp zone with bonus too anyone .
6. update server machine.

7-15. some more updates very soon.

stay onlline and vote our project .

Re: New Start - New Updates!

7. class armor penalty fix it. heavy armor dont give stats in archer and others class.
8. class weapon penalty fix it. now some class dont wear all the weapons.
9. lady fun fix it the magic attack.
10. 25% change too augement in weapon. now the aug is easy.
11. bless encht drop 2x in bandit zone. but the encht rate is now 90%. bandit zone is pvp/pk zone.
12. remove the crystal encht in easy raids.
13. all raids now drop more adena. and more enria.
14. update the farm zone with shards w/a. now thi zone drop x10 mopre shards. so this time the farm is too easy.
15. all farm zone is easy noiw and the farm is ultimate easy.

16. we make one pvp server. now we have shop with pvp coins. u buy items only if u have pvps. the farm feed pvps 3 times and more = auto jail or farm-ban.

more updates soon.