Topic: New Updates !!!!

New update

1. main town is Giran now.
2. add one custom raid boss in pvp zone. the boss respwan time every 12 hour and the drop is only for pvp.
3. change a lillte the stats on any raid. and we change and the droplist.
4. remove the hero coin and we make one balance for all server. now the class is all balance.
5. Grand boss Core and Orfen fix it.
6. oly games  : only +6 A - S grade items. ( feed in oly = jail 4 ever )
7. penalty class with heavy armor in achers and daggers class.
8. Healers class = The Great heal skill have 1 sec delay. but healers now boosted In P.d , M.d. and hp .
Healers With Bow , or dagger have x2 more psyhical damage too anyone. ( Oly balance )
9. Bow is dissabled for Tanks, Titans, Tyrants, Warlords. ( -50% penalty if use bow ) storm screamer + soultaker nerf the casting speed but have huage m.a.
11.Archamge boost casting and now have mildle stats  ( p.d. /m.d /hp )
12. Mystic muse boost casting and big stats ( p.d. /m.d /hp ) 
a. we try make one  server with all class. now all mage class have balances stats and this time u dont see only ss and only archers.
13. Titan : frenzy and zealot skill fix it with normal retail time. the titan now boost hp and speed.
14. Tyran : boost hp , evasion and speed but nerf critical damage.
15. dwrf class boost hp and stun and pet attack. but have low damage.
16. daggers nerf about phihical damage but boosted the evasion and the critical atack and all skills by 75%.
17. All Archer class fix it. ghost hunter boost atack  , sagi boost hp and moon boost atack speed.

we make more updates . like vote rewards , chaotics zones , pvp announcent , clan war , and much more.

pls vote the server!!!

Re: New Updates !!!!

New Boss in Big PvP zone. the boss respwan time every 12 hour and the drop is only for pvp.
The boss have 75% drop donate coins.

1.=GM=TEAM add autoflag in any GRAND BOSS and in PvP zone.
2.The oly Game now only A - S grade items and only +6 max encant. if u make more encant in any items u loose stats.
3.Hero coins remove it in 1th place pvp player.
4.Mini Pvp zone delete.
5.New PvP announcent
6. Donate page fix it. and closed 24 hour after server start,.
7.Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 90%
8.Blessed enchant scrolls now drop 100%
9. Add it VOTE MEDAL in PvP boss. V.M. = adena in Vote Manager.
10. Now Augment is 1 active + 1 passive.